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Alexander Beaufort Meek


Lawyer, poet, newspaper editor, and state legislator

Alexander Beauford Meek was born at Columbia, South Carolina, but was taken by his parents at age five to Tuscaloosa, Alabama when he grew up. He graduated at the University of Alabama in 1833, where he was first in his graduating class. He studied law at the University of Georgia, read law in Tuscaloosa, and was admitted to the Alabama bar in 1835. He took up the practice of law in Tuscaloosa and began editing a Tuscaloosa newspaper, Flag of the Union.

In 1836 he was was in the military, serving in an action against the Seminole Indians. [See A.B. Meek, The Journal of A.B. Meek and the Second Seminole War, 1936 ([Jacksonville, Florida]: Florida Historical Society, 1960)(John K. Mahon ed.)]. In this same year, at the age of twenty-three, he was appointed attorney general of Alabama. In 1841 he became a probate judge and in 1845 was appointed Assistant Secretary of the Treasury in President Polk's administration. Meek returned in two years to become district attorney .

Meek resided for some twenty years in Mobile, Alabama where he served for five years as editor of the Mobile Register and held various public officers and served in the state legislature. Meek died at Columbus, Mississippi on November 30, 1865.

Meek's famous poem, "The Red Eagle," a lyrical epic about a Creek Indian chief, William Weatherford, was published in 1855.

[See: George Armstrong Wauchope, The Writers of South Carolina: With a Critical Introduction, Biographical Sketches, and Selections in Prose and Verse 299 (Columbia, South Carolina: The State Co., Publishers, 1910)] [See also: William Peterfield Trent's Southern Writers]

Alexander Beaufort Meek



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