Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Amos K. Mehl


"Amos K. Mehl was born in Homes County, Ohio, on Aug. 25, 1861, the son of Christian and Anna Sckock Mehl. He studied law through correspondence courses with the Lincoln Law School. He married Mariett Van Zile on Jan. 22, 1885, and they had three children: Elsi M., Joy Wayne, and Noble D. On June 24, 1900, he married his second wife, Lydia Zurker. Mehl taught in Indiana country schools near Leo and Hurshtown. Later residing in Fort Wayne, he was employed as a letter carrier and held various local and national positions with the Letter Carriers Association. Upon admission to the Indiana bar he entered private law prctice. He was attorney for the National Mill Supply Company in Fort Wayne. In 1939 Mehl moved to Burlingame, Calif., where he died on June 30, 1941."

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