Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

A.D. Moore



After finding a reference to the "Hon. A.D. Moore, lawyer, poet and Democratic politician of Pirnceton [Kentucky]" from a web-posted news item that appears to be an "Here and There" column that appears in the Hopkinsville Kentuckian (date unknown, early 20th century) we've learned vitually nothing more about him. The Hopkinsville Kentuckian note indicated that Moore was going to be "touring" the state with his lecture on "Penitence." We did find another reference to Moore, but only to the effect that he was giving a lecture on "The Three Races." This second reference was found in Corinthian clippings for February, 1903 (Corinth, Mississippi). The "Three Races" lecture was to be given at the New Centruy Theater and was characterized as a "famous lecture."

We've exhausted our research resources to learn something--anything--more about A.D. Moore. The only way we're likely to learn anything more is to secure access to turn of the century newspaper accounts of activities at Princeton, Kentucky.