Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Thomas Emmet Moore


"Thomas Emmett Moore, son of Hon. John Towner Moore and Della L. Moore, was born at Piketon, Pike Cunty, Ohio, March 1, 1861. In his early boyhood his parents moved to Jackson, Ohio, where Thomas received his education. Graduating from the High School at the age of eighteen, he immediately began the study of law, and in 1881 he was admitted to the bar. After several years of legal practice in partnership with his father, he became the proprietor and managing editor, successively, of the Jackson Sun, the Jackson Herald, and the Wellston Daily Sentinel. On January 30, 1881, Mr. Moore was married to Miss Marly L. Tripp, in Jackson, where he contiued to reside until the year 1891, when he removed with his family to Wellston, Ohio . . . .

It is understood that he has in preparation a collection of his best poems, and that he has completed a new novel entitled 'King Saul,' dealing with Oriental life and customs." [Emerson Venable (ed.), Poets of Ohio 273-74 (Cincinnati: The Robert Clarke Company, 1909)]

Moore's son John Travers Moore was also a lawyer and a poet.


One with a saddened heart to Buddha bowed,
And in the darkness waited for a sign;
While one who suffered much to Allah vowed,
And one knelt, tearful, at the Savior's shrine.

Was there no light for these that lowly prayed —
These brothers, seeking truth, who, trusting, came
In the white garments of pure faith arrayed?
Yea; in each soul there dawned a Light — the same!

The Palmer

There came a Palmer with his staff,
Age-furrowed brow, and eye grown dim,
Who pointed onward as he passed,
And I rose up and followed him.

"Whence comest thou, O Pilgrim, gray?
And whither must this journey tend?"
He paused, and smiling gently, said:
"From God. Our journey hath no end!"

[poems from Emerson Venable (ed.), Poets of Ohio 275 (Cincinnati: The Robert Clarke Company, 1909)]


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