Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

Charles Alanson Munger

New York

To date, we have learned little about Charles A. Munger.We located the 1874 edition of his Poems, which was offered to us by a bookseller who represented Munger as a Owego, New York lawyer. (We have also seen several reference sto Munger's having lived in Binghamton, New York.)(See e.g., The Nation, vol. 19, issue no. 0470, July 2, 1874). We couldn't entice the bookseller to tell us the source of the information he provided us. Upon arrival of Munger's Poems, we found, pencilled on the fly leaf: "Charles Munger An Owego Lawyer more interested in law than in song." We have no reason to think this message-in-a-bottle was left to us by Munger himself.

There is a one biographical listing for Munger (with dates for his birth and death) in Thomson Gale's Biogrpahy and Genealogy Master Index. The reference is: John Mackay Shaw, Childhood in Poetry. A Catalogue, with Biogrpahical and Criminal Annotations, of the Books of English and American Poets Comprising the Shaw Childhood in Poetry Collection in the Library of the Florida State University (Detroit: Gale Research, 1967).

We find in Alden Chester (ed.), Legal and Judicial History of New York 180 (New York: National Americana Society, 1911)(vol. 3) that a Charles A. Munger was a "special judge" in Owego in the years, 1853-1855 and 1865-1867.


Charles Alanson Munger, Poems (New York: G.P. Putnam’s Sons, 1874)
[online text]