Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Gay H. Naramore

(ca. 1830 -  )

"Little is known of this Vermont poet, even the date of birth being obscure. He was born in Underhill, near Underhill Center probably about 1830, and was in school at Mountain Academy, Underhill, and later in a secondary school at Burlington, possibly at the University, where he became acquainted with Marion Hooker Roe, with whom he was later associated as teacher, writer, and friend. He was graduated from Albany Law School, and in 1857 he published at Albany his first book of verse and prose entitled 'Poems and Letters to Don Brown. By Gar Humbolt, alias Burr Lington.' he lived for a time (1853) in Chatham, N.Y., later (1855) in Springfield, Mass., where he was associated with Alva T. and Marion Hooker Roe in teaching at Hampden Hall. Later still he lived in Northampton, Mass. He is said to have died in Philadelphia, Pa."

[Walter John Coates & Frederick Tupper (eds.), Vermont Verse: An Anthology 242-43 (Brattleboro: Stephen Daye Press, MCMXXI)] [Coates & Tupper provide provide a different spelling—Narramore—of Naramore's last name.]


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