Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Howard Leoner Oleck


Howard Leoner Oleck was born on January 6, 1911 in New York City. He received his B.A. degree from the University of Iowa and his J.D. from New York Law School. He was admitted to the New York Bar in 1938. From 1938 to 1947 he was in the private practice of law in New York City. In 1947 he joined the New York Law School faculty as an associate professor of law and served on that faculty until 1956. He joined the Cleveland State University law faculty in 1956 and eventually became dean of the law school. He also taught at Wake Forest University and Stetson University.

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[We learned about Howard Oleck's association with poetry by way of J. Wesley Miller's introductory essay on "Legal Poetry" in Ina Russelle Warren (ed.), The Lawyer's Alcove: Poems by the Lawyer, for the Lawyer and about the Lawyer i-xii, at ix-x (Buffalo, New York: William S. Hein & Co., reprint ed., 1990)(New York: Doubleday, Page & Company, 1900)]


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