Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

Peter Oliver


"Chief Justice of Massachusetts, was graduated at Harvard College, in 1730. He afterwards resided in the county of Plymouth, where he filled several public offices, and was finally appointed Chief Justice. He was disliked by the people for refusing to receive his salary from theLegislature, instead of the King. Charges of treason against the colony were brought against him, and he left the country for England, where re resided the rest of his life. He received a degree of Doctor of Laws, from the University of Oxford, and possessed the reputation of being an able and intelligent writer. He died in 1791. He wrote a poem in blank verse, on the death of Josiah Willard, Secretary of the Province of Massachusetts Bay . . . ." [Samuel Kettell, Specimens of American Poetry 333-334 (New York: Benjamin Blom, 1829)(vol.1)][online text (including an excerpt from the Oliver poem]


Peter Oliver, The Scripture Lexicon or a Dictionary of above three thousand proper names of persons and places, mentioned in the Bible: ... (Birmingham, London: Printed by Piercy and Jones, for J. Johnson, 1784) [online text]