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Duffield Osborne

New York

"Osborne, Duffield (Brooklyn, N.Y., 1858-1917). He was the son of Samuel and Rosalie Duffield Osborne, was educated at the Brooklyn Polytechnic Institute and Columbia University, and was graduated at the Columbia Law School in 1881. He was admitted to the New York bar the same year, practised his profession in New York City until 1892, and was assistant secretary of the department of city works, Brooklyn department, 1992-'94. He then spent a year in foreign travel and has since made his home in New York engaged in literary work. For several years he has been secretary of the New York Authors Club. He began a literary career by contributions to Life and Puck in 1885, and in 1888 his first book, an historical romance, entitled The Spell of Ashtaroth, was issued in New York and London and proved populat . . . . He has also published many poems and short stories and has edited Livy's Roman History (1898) and Macaulay's Lays of Ancient Rome (1901)."

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Duffield Osborne


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