Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

Francis Browning Owen

(1830- )


Francis Browning Owen, Columbian and Other Poems
(Ann Arbor, Michigan: The Register Publishing Co., The Inland Press, 2nd ed., 1893)

"Owen, Francis Browning, lawyer, poet, was born in October, 1830, in Macomb county, Mich. He is a noted lawyer of Berrien Springs, Mich. He is the author of The Legend of Winoma; Poems; Forty Sonnets; and other poetical works." [Thomas William Herringshaw, Herringshaw's National Library of American Biography 354 (Chicago: American Publishers' Association, 1914)(vol. 4)]


Francis Browning Owen, Poems: A Holiday Book (Detroit: Free Press Printing House, 1874)

__________________, Columbian and Other Poems (Ann Arbor, Michigan: Register Publishing, 2nd ed., 1893) [online text]