Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

Edwin E. Parker


"Edwin E. Parker was born upon a farm in Henry County, Indiana, December 11, 1840. . . . He was a soldier in the Union army, and has been a lawyer and a newspaper man. He has not written extensively in verse, but has produced some short poems . . . . His home is in Richmond, Indiana." [Source: Benjamin S. Parker & Enos B. Heiney (eds.), Poets and Poetry of Indiana 449 (New York: Silver, Burdett and Co., 1900)]

"Edwin E. . . . taught school in 1861 and volunteered in the 69th Indiana Infantry, in 1862; he saw some service with the regiment and was brought hom, as all supposed, to die, but slowly gained strength unti he was able to enter a law office at New Castle to study that profession. After raising a cavalry company in conjunction with Volney Hobson, he again sought admission to the serve but was refused on acdount of his physical condition. He was married about that time to Caroline Hubbard, a daughter of Butler Hubbard, who was then County Recorder. They were parents of our children . . . . After a varied career in Indiana, Ohio and the West, as a teacher, lawyer, reporter, editor and lecturer, Edwin E. Parker died in 1902, and sleeps in the beautiful Linden Wood Cemetery, at Fort Wayne, Indiana. He left a number of poems, essays, and other prose writings that his friends hope to issue in book form at some appropriate time." [George Hazzard, Hazzard's History of Henry County, Indiana, 1200 (ewcastle, Indiana: G. Hazzard, author and publisher, 1906)]