Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry


Franklin Jay Parmenter

New York

"Franklin J. Parmenter, an able lawyer with literary inclinations, was admitted to the bar in Troy in 1852, and practiced for many years in that city. He was police justice for a few years, 1860-64, and came into wide notice at the time of Charles Dickens' visit to this country by his Dickensian poems, which appeared in "Harper's Weekly," and were widely copied. His elder brother, Roswell A. Parmenter , was city attorney of Troy for many years, 1853-54 and 1871-83, and corporation counsel from 1886-90. For some years he was a law partner of Judge John McConihe and the latter's son, General John McConihe." [Alden Chester, Courts and Lawyers of New York: A History 1609-1925 BY ALDEN CHESTER Justice of the Supreme Court of New York, 1895-1918 (New York: The American Historical Society, 1925)(vol. 3)]

5 Washington Place


Franklin J. Parmenter, The Birth and Growth of Law (Troy, New York: [s.n.], 1899)

Poetry in Legal Periodicals

Frank J. Parmenter, The Common Lot of the Lawyer, 4 The Green Bag 474-477 (1892)