Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

Joseph Clarkson Passmore


"PASSMORE, Joseph Clarkson, clergyman, born in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, 4 June, 1818, died in Racine, Wisconsin, 12 August, 1866. His education was obtained at Flushing institute, New York, under Dr. William A. Muhlenberg. He was graduated at St. Paul's college, Long island, in 1837, and during 1837-'8 he was an instructor in Flushing institute. Then he studied law and was admitted to the bar in Lancaster, Pennsylvania, in 1842. He practised law for several years, part of the time in Vicksburg, Mississippi, but in 1844 accepted the chair of professor of English literature, Philosophy, and political economy in the College of St. James, Md. After due preparation for the ministry he was ordained deacon in the college chapel 18 June, 1848, by Bishop Whittingham, and priest, in Grace church, Elk Ridge Landing, Maryland, 3 June, 1849, by the same bishop. He held his professorship till 1862 when he accepted a chair, with the same duties, in Racine college, Wisconsin From 1849 till 1862 he was rector of St. Mark's church, Washington county, Maryland He received the degree of S. T. D. from Columbia in 1861. In connection with his professorship in Racine college he was rector of St. John's church, Elkhorn, Wisconsin, in 1862-'6. Dr. Passmore published 'Footprints, or Fugitive Poems' (Philadelphia, 1843), edited Bishop Butler's 'Ethical Discourses,' with an essay on the author's life and writings (1855); translated the ' Praelectiones Academical' of the poet Kable for the 'True Catholic'; and also contributed freely, in verse as well as prose, to church periodicals." [Appleton's Encyclopedia]