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Francis Daniel Pastorius


German-American, lawyer, teacher, poet, town mayor

Daniel Francis Pastorius was born in Sommerhausen, Germany. He practiced law in Frankfurt, Germany. He eventually decided to leave Germany with other Quaker families because of religious persecution. Pastorius became the agent for a group of Quaker merchants (and their land purchasing company) who purchased 15,000 acres of land in the newly chartered colony called Pennsylvania. Twelve Quaker families sailed on the Concord to America and arrived on October 8, 1683 in Philadelphia. Upon reaching the purchased land, they founded, in 1683, Germantown, one of the first German settlements in the United States. Pastorius became the first mayor of Germantown, the town's schoolmaster, and held other official posts.

"Pastorius was born in Frankenland, Germany, studied at the University of Altorf and later studied law at Strasbourg, Basle, and Jena. He also studied international polity at Ratisbon. He received his degree of doctor of law at Nuremburg." [Francis Daniel Pastorius, German-American History & Heritage]

Pastorius opposed slavery, had it banned in Germantown, and in 1688 organized and wrote one of the first anti-slavery protest in America. Pastorius is also author of one of the oldest extant practical legal treatises in America.

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Francis Daniel Pastorius

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