Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Stephanie Ann Paulk


"Stephanie Paulk performed as JS van Buskirk because she didn't want her artistic life to interfere with her day job as a lawyer. She also liked the anonymity provided by her stage name, which played off a name her parents had picked for her had she been a boy.

For years, she lectured and performed poems and short stories at venues that included the Decatur Arts Festival." [Rick Badie, "Stephanie Ann Paulk, 38: Lawyer, poet and performer," The Atlantia-Constitution, Dec. 2, 2010]

Mr. Badie, in Paulk's obituary, notes that she was diagnosed in 2001 with a brain tumor the week she graduated from law school.

Paulk graduated from Columbia University and Emory University School of Law. After law school, she became an associate at McKenna Long & Aldridge and worked there until her illness forced her to leave the position. She then became a law clerk for bankruptcy Judge James E. Massey until she became disabled in 2009.

Paulk also wrote under the name JS van Buskirk.


JS van Buskirk, Just Ain't Got No Hustle: Assorted Poems [unknown publisher and date of publication]


JS van Buskirk, Tiny Bedtime Stories [unknown publisher and date of publication]