Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

William McClung Paxton

Kentucky & Missouri


W.M. Paxton, A Century Hence and Other Poems
(Kansas City, Missouri: Publishing House of Ramsey, Millet & Hudson, 1880)

William McClung Paxton was born on March 2, 1819 at Washington, Kentucky. "Educated for the law in his native town, he removed to Platte Co., [Missouri] . . . . In 1850 he removed to Platte City and spent twelve years in mercantile pursuits. Later he resumed the practice of law, and for twelve years prospered; but in 1872 he became hard of hearing, and it was necessary for him to give up his lucrative practice. Having, however, a complete abstract of titles of real estate of Platte Co., he still, at the age of seventy-one, is industriously employed in the business of abstracting and examining titles."

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Wm. McClung Paxton
Platte County, Missouri, Historical & Genealogical Society


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