Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

David Perris


David Perris was born in Boston and lived there during his childhood. He graduated from Western Reserve University Law School in 1901 and set about to practice law, which he did for some 60 years. Perris was also a teacher of law (presumably in one of the Cleveland law schools). He resided in Cleveland Heights with his wife, Katherine L. Perris. Mrs. Perris, after raising her children, established the Katherine Perris Translation Service in 1950 and operated it until 1981. Mrs. Perris died, in 1993, at the age of 93. [Sources: "Memorial Resolutions -- David Perris, Cleveland Bar Assoc. J. (May, 1960)(p. 128); Cleveland Public Library Cleveland Necrology File; "Katherine L. Perris, Ran Tranlation Firm," Plain Dealer (Cleveland), Sept. 24, 1993] [These sources were secured by the diligent labors of my friend and colleage, Albert Borowitz, a retired Cleveland lawyer who is known in literary circles for his true crime writings, many of which focus on literary and music figures.]


David Perris, Out of a Life in the Law ([S.I.]: The Gates Legal Publishing Co., 1957)