Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Egbert Phelps


Egbert Phelps "was born in Middlebury, Dec. 8, 1835; was graduated from Union College; studied law and settled in Joliet, Ill., and became a partner in the firm of Olin and Phelps. He saw military service in the Civil War as captain in the 19th Infantry, U.S. Army. Some of his poems found their way into earlier collections of verse, as Hemenway's 'Poets and Poetry of Vermont.' He died July 26, 1916, at Joliet."

[Walter John Coates & Frederick Tupper (eds.), Vermont Verse: An Anthology 245 (Brattleboro: Stephen Daye Press, 1921)] [The Hemenway reference is to: Abby Maria Hemenway, Poets and Poetry of Vermont (Rutland: George A. Tuttle & Company, 1858)]


Egbert Phelps, Modern Benevolence a satire, delivered before the Associated Alumni of Union College, July 25th, 1860 (New York: Pudney & Russell, printers, 1860)