Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

Henri Rémy

France & Louisiana

"Henri Rémy . . . was born in Agen, France. His full name was Charles Henri Rémy Carrete. He emigrated in 1836 to New Orleans, La., following political upheavals in France. There he taught French and Italian and became a lawyer. He was also an author, writing Louisiana history, and edited a small French newspaper." [Bio/History, Henri Rémy Papers, American Antiquarian Society]

[The American Antiquarian Society collections " consists of several unpublished works by Rémy, written in French. He wrote an extensive history and observations of Santo Domingo (the Dominican Republic) and Haiti in 1861. Rémy also recorded his memoirs, from 1837 to 1840, reviewing his life in France and European travels before arriving in the United States. Also included is a collection of Rémy's poetry entitled 'Le Destin' and an 'Essai Sur Les Femmes ou de la Mission Qu'elles Sont Appelées à Remplir dans le Monde,' (An Essay on Women or the Mission Which They are Called Upon to Perform in the World). There are, in addition, miscellaneous notes and pencil sketches executed by Rémy. The collection also includes an 1838 notebook of quotations from primarily French authors."]