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Augustus Julian Requier


South Carolina & Alabama

"Augustus Julian Requier was born at Charleston, South Carolina, May 27, 1825. He was educated in that city, and having selected the law as his profession, was called to the bar in 1844. From a very early age Mr. Requier was a regular contributor to the newspapers and periodicals, and in his seventeenth year published The Spanish Exile, a play in blank verse, which was acted with success. A year or two after he published The Old Sanctuary, a romance, the scene of which is laid in Carolina before the Revolution. He soon after removed to Marion, South Carolina, where, during the leisure intervals which occur in the life of a country barrister, many of his more mature and elaborate pieces in prose and verse were composed. These Poems were collected in book form in 1860. . . .

"Mr. Requier subsequently removed to Mobile, Alabama, where he attained distinction in his professional pursuits. He was Attorney of the United States for the southern district of Alabama for eight years, and held a similar office under the 'Confederate States.' After the end of the war, he removed to New York city."

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Requier practiced law in New York City until his death in 1887. [See: George Armstrong Wauchope, The Writers of South Carolina: With a Critical Introduction, Biographical Sketches, and Selections in Prose and Verse 336(Columbia, South Carolina: The State Co., Publishers, 1910)]

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[A]n American poet, lawyer, and politician, born in Charleston, S.C., May 29, 1825. His father was a native of Marseilles; his mother the daughter of a Haytian lady, who fled to the United States with a few faithful slaves upon the outbreak of the servile revolution in that island. In 1844 he commenced the practice of law, and in Oct. 1850, removed to Mobile, Ala.; and on the accession of Mr. Pierce to the presidency of the United States, in 1853, he was appointed district attorney for the southern district of Alabama. He was reappointed by Mr. Buchannan; resigned the office on the secession of Alabama, in Jan. 1861; and again received the same appointment from the government of the Confederate States, a few months afterward. Early a writer for the press, in 1842 "The Spanish Exile," a play in 3 acts from his pen, was successfully performed in Charleston and other places, and soon afterward published. "The Old Sanctuary," a romance, the scene of which was laid in Charleston at a period anterior to the American revolution, was published in Boston in 1846, and favorably received. Many minor poems appeared in various magazines between 1845 and 1850. In 1860 a collected edition of his poems was published in Philadelphia; and "Marco Bozzaris," a play written 14 years before, was produced at the Mobile theatre, with much success . . . .

Augustus Julian Requier
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