Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Emory Aaron Richardson
aka "Big Rich"


"Emory Aaron Richardson was born in Pike County, Ind., and moved to Evansville in 1918. He received the LL. B. degree from La Salle Extension, University of Chicago. He was a lecturer, entertainer, and humorist and used the pseudonym Big Rich. Unofficially, Richardson was chosen poet laureate of Indiana by the state legislature largely because of his poem 'Lincoln, the Hoosier.' He died in 1965."

[Donald E. Thompson, Indiana Authors and Their Books 1917-1966 510-511 (Crawfordsville, Indiana: Wabash College, 1974)]


Emory Aaron Richardson, "My Alligator Grin," and Other Poems (Evansville, Indiana, 1924)

___________________, Hoosier Hollyhocks and Other Poems (Evansville, Indiana, 1928)

___________________, Indiana and Other Poems (Evansville, Indiana, 1930)

___________________, Ginger-Bread, a Book of Verse for Boys and Girls (Evansville, Indiana, 1933).

___________________, Turkey Run and Selected Poems (Evansville, Indiana, 1936)

___________________, Poems for Pleasure (Evansville, Indiana, 1952)


Amanda Wallbaumm, Big Rich, Hoosier Poet: Biography of Emory Aaron Richardson (Ferdinand, Indiana: Sisters of St. Benedict, Inc., [1979?])