Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Alious Rockett

( -2001)

"Born in Colorado Springs, Alious Rockett has spent his entire life in Colorado, in the mining country of Cripple Creek and the ranching regions of the high parks, as well as the cities of Colorado.

'Mountain climbing comes to me naturally,' he says, 'as I am usually near some peak that it is easier to climb than let along. Long ago I lost count of the number of summits I have reached. Add to the mountains I have climbed the miles of streams I have fished, and I could lay claim to being an outdoor mar.'

Mr. Rockett is an alumnus of Colorado College (A.B.) and took his law degree at the University of Denver College of Law. He is now engaged in the pratice of medical jurisprudence and corporation law. His hobbies are his verse, his mountain climbing, and solar engineering." [back dustjacket, Alious Rockett, Temple of Sorrows (New York: Vantage Press, 1962)]

Rockett, according to a Spring, 2002, University of Denver Magazine, graduated from the College of Law in 1934. He practiced law for 46 years. He graduated from Colorado College in 1931, according to an obiturary which appeared in the Colorado College Bulletin. (The date of death was March 26; he died in Portland, Oregon.)


Alious Rockett, Temple of Sorrows (New York: Vantage Press, 1962)

Note: An OCLC search indicates no other publications for Alious Rockett except the single book of poems.