Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

Robert Cameron Rodgers

New York & California

The Bookman: An Illustrated Literary Journal
(vol. 1, no. 5)(p. 308)(June, 1895)

"ROGERS, Robert Cameron, editor and poet, was born in Buffalo, N.Y., Jan. 7, 1862, son of Sherman Skinner and Christina (Davenport) Rodgers. His first American ancestor was Thomas Rodgers, one of the passengers of the Mayflower in 1620. . . . Sherman Skinner Rogers . . . was one of the most prominent lawyers in Buffalo, of the firm of Rogers, Bowen & Rogers, and for many years played an important part in New York public life. The son was graduated at Yale in 1883. He spent about a year in his father's law office, but his distaste for the legal profession was strong, and he finally turned from law to literature . . . . In 1898 he settled at Santa Barbara, Cal., and in 1901 purchased control of 'The Morning Press,' which, under his direction, grew to be one of the most influential and best edited newspapers in the State of California. . . . Above all things, however, Roger C. Rogers was a poet . . . . Mr. Rogers traveled very widely, both in America and Europe, went twice around the world, and crossed the Atlantic more than twenty times. . . . He died at Santa Barbara, April 20, 1912." [The National Cyclopaedia of American Biography, Vol. 15, pp. 281-82 (New York: James T. White & Company, 1916)]

Robert Cameron Rodgers
The Bookman: An Illustrated Literary Journal

(vol. 1, no. 5)(p. 307)(June, 1895)


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