Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

George Basil Rose


National Cyclopedia of American Biography 126
(New York: James T. White & Co., 1897)(vol. 7)]

"George B. Rose was born at Batesville, Arkansas, July 10, 1860. . . . U.M. Rose, his father, is one of the most distinguished lawyers in the United States . . . .

George B. Rose removed with his parents to Little Rock, Arkansas, in 1865, and has since resided there. He was admitted to the Arkansas Bar in 1879 . . . . Since his admission to the Bar his law office has always been in Little Rock, he being in partnership with his father and other gentlemen of the legal profession.

He speaks French and Italian fluently, has a fair acquaintance with Spanish, and has a working knowledge of German. He is a member of the Society of Arts of London, of the National Arts Club of New York, of the International Law Association, and of the American Bar Association. He was the fourth president of the Arkansas State Bar Association.

In 1891 he published a small volume of short lyrics entitled 'Wasted Moments.' In this volume he shows a predilection for the Greek and Italian works of art which have brought forth so much loving labor from him in later years. The book is filled mainly with poems of travel in Italy, referring frequently to Italian masters and ther work."

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