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Robert Charles Sands


The Writings of Robert C. Sands, in Prose and Verse
(New York: Harper, 1834)

"Robert C. Sands. One of the most original of American humorists, a fine scholar, and a poet of ardent imagination, was born in the city of New York, May 11, 1799. His father, Comfort Sands, was a merchant of the city, who had borne a patriotic part in the early struggles of the Revolution. Sands early acquired a taste for the ancient classics, which his education at Columbia College confirmed, to which he afterwards added a knowledge of the modern tongues derived from the Latin." [Evert A. & George L. Duyckinck, The Cyclopedia of American Literature 56(Philadelphia: William Rutter & Co., 1880)(Vol. 2)]

Following his graduation from Columbia College, Sands began the study of law with David B. Ogden but was involved in writing for various literary journals in New York. He was admitted to the bar in 1820 but seems far more bent on literary pursuits than on the practice of law. In May, 1824 he started the Atlantic Magazine which he edited and wrote many of the articles. He continued the association, now in conjunction with William Cullen Bryant, when the magazine became the New York Review.

Robert Charles Sands
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Robert C. Sands
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Robert Charles Sands
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The Green Isle of Lovers

Selected Poems
"Sleep of Papantzin" "Waking of Papantzin in the Sepulchre"
"Good-Night" "The Dead of 1832"
William Cullen Bryant, Selections from the American Poets
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[William Cullen Bryant]


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