Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Edward Erasmus Sargeant

New Hampshire & Michigan

"Edward E. Sargeant was born in Hillsborough, June 17, 1820. At an early age he was a clerk in a store in Lowell, Mass., where he remained till his 17th year, and entered at Dartmouth, graduating from thence in 1843. . . . After leaving college he went to Georgia and had charge of a Female Seminary in Putnam Co. When there he studied law, and was admitted to the bar at Macon, Ga. He returned to New Hampshire in1845, and the next year he went to Grand Rapids, Michigan. His business and fame as a lawyer rapidly increased. In 1853 he went to Europe and visited remarkable places in England, France, and throughout Europe and Asia-Minor. He returned after nearly a year's absence to his home in Grand Rapids. He died April 15, 1858, of a cancerous tumor in his throat."

[Source: Bella Chapin (ed.), The Poets of New Hampshire 242 (Claremont, New Hampshire: Charles H. Adams, Publisher, 1883)][online text]