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John Godfrey Saxe


[Carte de Visite Photograph, Photographer-Rockwood, 1875]


"John G. Saxe was born at Highgate, Franklin County, Vermont, June 2, 1816. He was graduated at Middlebury College in 1839, studied law, was admitted to the bar, and has since been engaged in the practice of the profession in his native State.

"In 1849 Mr. Saxe published a volume of Poems including Progress, a Satire, originally delivered at a college commencement, and a number of shorter pieces, many of which had previously appeared in the Knickerbocker Magazine.

"In the same year Mr. Saxe delivered a poem on The Times before the Boston Mercantile Library Association. This production is included in the enlarged edition of his volume, in 1852. He has since frequently appeared before the public on college and other anniversaries, as the poet of the occasion, well armed with the light artillery of jest and epigram."

[Evert A. & George L. Duyckinck, The Cyclopedia of American Literature 563 (Philadelphia: William Rutter & Co., 1880)(Vol. 2)]

John Godfrey Saxe

John Godfrey Saxe
The National Magazine [May, 1853]

"The Vermont Bard"
Mary Sollace Saxe

The Vermonter, vol.7 (December, 1901), p. 422

Highgate, Vermont

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by Charles A Barry] [offered for sale along with a biography on ebay, 07.27.04]


Saxe at age thirty-two

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[Parable of the Blind Men and the Elephant] [Orpheus and Eurydice ] [Polyphemus and Ulysses] [Sonnet to a Clam] [Bereavement] [Early Rising] [Love Crowned] ["With my body I thee worship"] [How Cyrus Laid the Cable] [Rhyme of the Rail ] [The Proud Miss MacBride, a Legend of Gotham]

The Masquerade & Other Poems


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Law Poetry Anthologies

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Law Related Poems

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John Godfrey Saxe Papers
Bailey-Howe Memorial Library
University of Vermont
Burlington, Vermont