Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Jesse Sill

(1878- )

Jesse Sill was born at Kaysville, Utah, on August 3, 1878, the son of John and Elizabeth (Kirkham) Sill. He attended Weber Normal school, the La Salle Law School, and the University of Utah. His poetry appeared in American Lyric Poetry (1934)(1935), America Singing (1935), Poets of the Western Scene (1937), Christmas Lyrics (1937), Modern American Poetry (1937), Vendors of Songs (1938) and in various magazines and newspapers. Sill was also the author of short stories. He was a member of the Mormon church, and resided at Logan, Utah.

[Source: The Biographical Dictionary of Contemporary Poets: The Who's Who of American Poets 440 (New York: Avon House, 1938)][Sill died on April 30, 1951, at Weber, Utah, at the age of 72.]