Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

William West Smithers


"Smithers was a lawyer, born in Philadelphia and educated at the University of Pennsylvania. Smithers practiced law in Philadelphia from 1887 and during his lifetime wrote several articles about the law, as well as translating Henry Bordeaux's 'Which Was the Greater Love?'" [Bio/History, Stray Leaves, Notebook [William West Smithers], Temple University] [The William West Smithers papers archived at Temple University include: "Individual manuscripts of poems written by William Smithers, as well as the collection of the poems gathered together in a notebook under the title, ' Stray Leaves.' These unpublished poems cover a wide range of subjects including art, ambition, death, and change."]

Research Resources

Papers of the Comparative Law Bureau of the American Bar Association
[William W. Smithers served as secretary of the Bureau]
Harvard Law School Library