Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

George Parker Smoote

Tennessee & Arkansas


George Parker Smoote, The Mississippi and Other Songs
(Chicago: F.J. Schulte, 2nd ed., 1891)

George P. Smoote was born in Hickman County, Tennessee on December 28, 1828. He died at Prescott, Arkansas on April 22, 1891. He moved to Columbia County, Arkansas in 1850. He had five children. Smoote represented Columbia County in the state constitutional conventions in 1861 and 1874.

[Source: Jonathan Kennon Thompson Smith, Genealogical Abstracts From Reported Deaths: The Nashville Christian Advocate 1890-1893] [He lived in Prescott and Magnolia, Arkansas, and according to Fred Allsopp, was "known merely as a lawyer, " but "was in truth a fine poet in heart and soul." Fred Allsopp, The Poets and Poetry of Arkansas 65 (Little Rock, Arkansas: Central Printing Co., 1933).


George Parker Smoote, The Mississippi and Other Songs (Buffalo: Charles Wells Moulton, 1890)(Chicago: F. J. Schulte, 2nd ed. 1891) [online text]