Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Leon da Silva Solis-Cohen


"Leon da Silva Solis-Cohen, Esq., was born in Philadelphia on October 16, 1840 to Myer David Cohen and Judith Simha Solis. He was a brother of Jacob da Silva Solis-Cohen and Solomon Solis-Cohen, and a grandson of Jacob da Silva Solis. On April 10, 1872 he married a cousin, Lucia Manness Ritterband, with whom he had two daughters (Jessie Myra and Gertrude) and one son (Leon Manness). He served in the Union army in the Keystone Battery, during the Civil War, until just before the Battle of Gettysburg, when he was medically disabled. He was an attorney and a writer of prose and poetry, sometimes writing as 'Lemon S. Cream' or by the pseudonym 'Sh'muel.' He died an early death on September 19, 1884 at age 44."

[Guide to the Papers of the Solis-Cohen Family, 1808-1990, American Jewish Historical Society Center for Jewish History, New York, New York]