Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Traverse Eugene Stout

(1858- )
West Virginia

Traverse Stout was born in Putnam County, Ohio, April 12, 1858. He graduated from the University of Wisconsin in 1882. He "subsequently wrote an elementary treatise on evidence, designed for the use of students, which has had a large sale. Mr. Stout has written both prose and poetry, which has been published at different times in the Cincinnati Commercial Gazette, The Army Herald of Des Moines, The Budget Magazine, and the periodical press generally. Mr. Stout is unmarried, and resides at Huntington, W.Va. where he is engaged in law."

[Thos. W. Herringshaw (ed.), Local and National Poets of America 1858 (Chicago: American Publishers' Association, 1890)] [We have not located, by way of OCLC, any reference to Stout's treatise on evidence.]