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Herbert Milton Sylvester

Maine & Massachusetts

"Herbert M. Sylvester was born in Lowell, Mass., Feb. 20, 1849, at which time his father was prominently connected with one of the leading cotton mills in that city. Owing to ill health the father left Lowell for the State of Maine, taking with him his wife and son, then ten years of age. Young Sylvester was strictly and religiously trained. Like numbers of other country boys, he had a bare ten weeks of schooling in summer, and hardly more than that in winter, until at the age of sixteen he was sent to Bridgton Academy, where he fitted for college. After thirteen years of successful legal practice in Portland, Mr. Sylvester went to Boston, was admitted to the Suffolk Bar, and opened his office. It was here that his 'Prose Pastorals' were written, that have been called his best. Mr. Sylvester has written several poems of great finish and beauty, though he is best known as a prose writer."

[George Bancroft Griffith (ed.), The Poets of Maine 727 (Portland, Maine, Elwell, Pickard & Co., 1888)]

Herbert Milton Sylvester
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