Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

Frank E. Taplin

Ohio & New Jersey

"Born in Cleveland, Ohio, on 22 June 1915, Frank Taplin was educated first at the Hawken School and University School there; then at Princeton University . . . at Oxford Universiety, where as a Rhodes Scholar he studied jurisprudence; and at the Yale University Law School, from which he graduated in 1941. During World War II he served for five years in the navy, mostly in the South Pacific, and became a lieutenant commander. . . . Following the war he practiced law and engaged in subiness in his hometown of Cleveland for a number of years, but in 1957 moved to Princeton, New Jersey . . . ." [Robert F. Goheen, "Frank E. Taplin," 149 (3) Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society 447 (2005)] [The biographical sketch of Tapline in the Proceedings of the American Philosophical Society notes that Taplin wrote music and lyrics during his college years and that he was the author of "witty verses."]