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Benjamin Bussey Thatcher


"Third son of Hon. Samuel Thatcher, of Bangor, born in the town of Warren, Oct. 8, 1809. Entered Bowdoin College, one year in advance, at the age of thirteen years, and graduated with distinction in 1826. He adopted the law for his profession, had an office in Boston, and did enough in that line to give promise of success; but literature was more to his taste, and he soon became a contributor to the leading magazines and journals then published. He afterward edited several works, the Colonizationist, a volume of Mrs. Hemans's poetry, for which he wrote an eloquent preface, etc., and was author of 'Indian Biography,' and 'Indian Traits.' An article in Quarterly Review, on Atlantic Steam Navigation, was contributed by him while on a visit to England. He also wrote a life of Phillis Wheatley, and one of J. Osgood Wright, a missionary. He died in Boston, July 14, 1840."

[George Bancroft Griffith (ed.), The Poets of Maine 127 (Portland, Maine, Elwell, Pickard & Co., 1888)][Some of Thatcher's poems appear in Griswold's Poets and Poetry of America (1842)][See also, S. Herbert Lancy, The Native Poets of Maine 55-58 (Bangor: D. Bugbee & Co., 1854)][He "contributed sketches of his travels to the leading journals of America." [Herringhsaw's Encyclopedia of American Biography of the Nineteenth Century 922 (Chicago: American Publishers' Assoc., 1898)]

Benjamin Bussey Thatcher
Appleton's Cyclopedia of American Biography

Selected Writings

B.B. Thatcher, Indian Biography: or, An Historical Account of Those Individuals Who Have Been Distringuished Among the North American Natives as Orators, Warriors, Statesmen, and Other Remarkable Characters (New York: J. & J. Harper, 1832)(2 vol.) [vol. 1: online text] (J. & J. Harper, 1933)(New York: Harper & Brothers, 1834)(Harper & Brothers, 1836)(Harper & Brothers, 1837-1839, vol. 2, 1837)(Harper, 1839)(Harper & Brothers, 1842)(Harper, 1873)

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__________, Indian Biography; Manners, Customs, Wars, a Minute and Graphic Story of a Valuable Compendium to American History (Akron, Ohio: New Werner Company, 1910)