Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Albert Sobieski Twitchell

(1840-    )
Maine & New Hampshire

Re-Union Poems as Written and Delivered by A.S. Twitchell, of Gorham, New Hampshire. (Gorham, New Hampshire: V.V. Twitchell, Publisher, 1883)

George Bancroft Griffith (ed.), The Poets of Maine 643 (Portland, Maine: Elwell, Pickard & Co., 1888):

Gen. Twitchell was born in Bethel, Me., Sept. 16 1840. In the spring of 1863 he was appointed Enrolling Officer for the war draft in his home district, and at the completion of these duties, in December, 1863, he enlisted as a private in the 7th Maine Light Battery; was made Quartermaster-Sergeant at its organization, and served until detailed by Gen. Grant for duty at West Point, Va., in February, 1965. He has held the offices of Town Clerk in Maine, and Selectman and School Committee in New Hampshire. In 1872, at the age of thirty-two, he was elected Railroad Commissioner, and served three years. In 1875 he was appointed by Gov. P.C. Cheney's (New Hampshire) staff with the rank of Colonel. He was Postmaster of Gorham, N.H., from 1977 until July, 1886, when he resigned. He is now in the active practice of law, in company with Carl Abbott, and has done much in erecting buildings for business and public use, in Gorham, N.H., his place of residence. Mr. Twitchell is President of the New Hampshire Veteran Soldiers' Association, and in June, 1887, was appointed Commissary-General on the staff of Gov. Charles H. Sawyer, of New Hampshire.


A. S. Twitchell, Re-union Poems ([Gorham, New Hampshire]: V.V. Twitchell, 1883) [online text]

[Twitchell's "Poem for the Re-Union of 1882" (a reunion which did not take place) can also be found in Twitchell's History of the Seventh Maine Light Battery at pp. 231-237]


A. S. Twitchell, History of the Seventh Maine Light Battery, volunteers in the great rebellion (Boston: E. B. Stillings & Co., printers and lithographers, 1892)