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George Boyer Vashon

Pennsylvania, New York, Washington, D.C.

Vashon graduated in 1844 from Oberlin College, the first African American to graduate from Oberlin. He received a master's degree from Oberlin (1849) and went on to become a lawyer and educator.

Vashon was admitted to the New York State Bar in 1847, the first black to be admitted. He would later be the District of Columbia's first African-American lawyer. He also practiced law in Syracuse, New York and served as Dean of the Howard University Law School. He was president of Avery College in Pittsburgh, and served as a solicitor at the Freedmen's Bureau in Washington after the Civil War.

After leaving Howard University he went to Mississippi where he died during a yellow fever epidemic in Rodney, Mississippi. [Source (in part): M. Marie Booth Foster, Southern Black Creative Writers, 1829-1953: Biobiliographies 65-66 (New York: Greenwood press, 1988)]

George Vashon

George Boyer Vashon
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