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Robert Sparks Walker


Robert Sparks Walker was born, February 4, 1878, Chicamauga, Tennessee. He was educated in Hamilton County, Tennessee schools, and attended Maryville College. He obtained his LL.B. degree from the University of Chattanooga in 1905. There is no indication-in this biographical source-as to whether he ever practiced law. He lived in Chattanooga, Tennessee. [Source: "A Bibliographical Dictionary of Poets," in William Stanley Braithwaite (ed.), Anthology of Magazine Verse for 1926: And Yearbook of American Poetry 40 (Boston: B.J. Brimmer Co., 1926)(Dictionary at pp. 1-43, separate pagination)]

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Robert Sparks Walker's Journal


Cumberland Gap


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Confederate and Union forces clash at Lookout Mountain.

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[Used with permission of the Florida Center for Instructional Technology]

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