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Daniel Webster

New Hampshire

"Daniel Webster was born in Salisbury, January 18, 1782. He graduated at Dartmouth College in 1801. He became a lawer; was a member of Congress, 1813-17, 1823-27; U.S. Senator, 1827-39; 1845-50; Secretary of State U.S., 1841-42; 1850-52. He died in Marshfield, mass., October 24, 1852. While at College he published two blank verse poems of considerable length. . . . In 1825 he lost a son named Charles. On that occasion he composed a short poem which he enclosed in a letter to his wife." [Bela Chapin (ed.), The Poets of New Hampshire 26 (Claremont, New Hampshire: Charles H. Adams, Publisher, 1883)][online text]Other sources place Webster's birth in 1783.]

Daniel Webster
Biographical Dictionary of the U.S. Congress