Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

George Alexander Wheelock

New Hampshire

George Wheelock was a prominent citizen of Keene, New Hampshire where he was born and died. Wheelock graduated from Harvard College in 1838 and joined his brother-in-law in Keene in the practice of law. He was a founder of the Keene Natural History Society and a benefactor of the Keene Public Library. When the post of park commissioner was created in 1888, he served in that position. He gave various plots of land for the use of city parks.

Wheelock, along with his various interests in nature and natural history, also a poet.

[Source: Ben Cosgrove, "Keene owes a lot to George Wheelock," SentinelSource Town News, May 10, 2011] [Full-text of Ben Cosgrove's article on George Wheelock]