Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

William Wisner White

New York & Ohio

"White, William Wisner (Nov. 27, 1866-Jan. 6, 1935), lawyer, was born in Ithaca, N.Y. He graduated from Princeton University in 1888, studied law, and afterward practiced in Cleveland."

[William Coyle (ed.), Ohio Authors and Their Books: Biographical Data and Selective Bibliographies for Ohio Authors, Native and Resident, 1796-1950 680 (Cleveland & New York: World Publishing Co. for Martha Kinney Cooper Ohioana Library Association, 1962)] [Biographical sketch used with the permission of the Ohioana Library Association]

White was in the admiralty firm of Goulden, White & Garry, for some 30 years and was an expert on mining law. White, after he studied law at Princeton, joined the New York bar, and then 15 years letter moved to Cleveland. He was both a poet and a sketch artist. [Source: Obituary, "William W. White," New York Times, Jan. 9, 1935, p. 19]


William Wisner White, Poems and Sketches 1934 ([Cleveland, Ohio]: Wm. Wisner White, 1934)