Strangers to Us All
Lawyers and Poetry

Nelson Monroe Williams


-- "lawyer, poet, orator"

[Hamilton Daily News Journal (Ohio), March 24, 1934, p.12]

We have confirmed that Nelson Williams was a Hamilton, Ohio lawyer. His poetry was often delivered to his Masonic colleagues. There is one reference to his having arrived in Ohio by way of Kentucky.

Williams was born in St. Paris, Ohio. [See: Herringshaw's Encylopedia of American Biography of the Nineteeth Century 1015 (1898). Herringshaw places Nelson Williams' birth date as March 23, 1853. He was called, according to Herringshaw, the "Masonic Poet of Ohio." ][There is some possibility that more information about Williams can be found in Stephen Decatur Cone, Biographical and Historical Sketches: A Narrative of Hamilton and Its Residents from 1792 (Hamilton, Ohio: Republican Pub. Co. [1896]-1901). We have not, to date, had an opportunity to examine the Cone book.]