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"Even prosaic and repellant things can become the theme of poetry."

"Literature and the Practical World," in Joseph S. Auerbach, Essays and Miscellanies 243-312, at 297 (New York: Harper & Brothers, 1914)(vol.1) [Joseph Auerbach was a lawyer and a poet.]

Poetry on Law

Hank Lazer, "Law-Poems" [on-line text] [Lazer's epilogue] [commentary by: Michael Martone | Glenn Mott | Joseph Hornsby | Wythe Holt | Yuante Huang | Phil Beidler]

And Lawyers

Carl Sandburg, "Lawyers" [Cornhusker (1918)] [on-line text]

Paul Lawrence Dunbar, "The Lawyer's Ways" [from The Complete Poems of Paul Laurence Dunbar (New York: Dodd, Mead, and Co., 1913)]
[on-line text] [youTube presentation]

Robert Frost, "The Self-seeker" [in North of Boston, 1915] [on-line text]

Richard S. Bank, "Doing Lineups on My Birthday" [on-line text]

Paul McLaughlin, Lawyer Poems [on-line text]

Mark C. Bruce, "Plea Bargain, June 29" [on-line text]

Evan Schaeffer, "To Their Coy Summer Associates" [on-line text]

Contemporary Legal Verse :: Law/Lawyer-Related Poetry

James R. Elkins (ed.), Lawyer Poets and That World We Call Law: An Anthology of Poems about the Practice of Law (New York: Pleasure Boat Studio, 2013)

The poems in the anthology appeared over the period of a decade in the Legal Studies Forum and were selected from the following lawyer- and law-related poemsL

Legal Studies Forum, vol. 28 (2004):

Lawrence Russ, "Found Objects" (pp. 188-189) [on-line text]

Paul Homer, "Lament" (p. 247), "Summary Judgment" (p. 255), "A Statutorily Protected Class" (p. 263), "A Literary Guide to Advanced Legal Writing" (p. 275), "Draft of a Lease" (p. 281), "The Lease" (282) [on-line text]

Nancy A. Henry, "Baby's First Bath" (p. 305), "Wax" (pp. 307-308) [on-line text]

David Bristol, "Judgment at Lums" (p. 388) [on-line text]

Jendi Reiter, "1-800-DIVORCE" (pp. 350-351) [on-line text]

John Perrault, "Palace of Justice" (p. 368) [on-line text]

Ace Boggess, "Law School" (p. 386) [on-line text]

Steven M. Richman, "Letters of Credit" (p. 407), "Relocation" (p. 408), "The Old Judge" (p. 410), "Opening Statement" (p. 411) [on-line text]

Barbara B. Rollins, "The Man Child" (pp. 415-416) [on-line text]

Richard S. Bank, "Commonwealth v. Wright, 317 A.2nd 271" (p. 417), "End of an Era" (p. 418), "PDPOM #102" (pp. 419-420), "PDPOM #21" (p. 421), "In re Grand Jury Matter 87-759" (p. 422), "Taking the Damage Out" (p. 433) [on-line text]

Lawrence Joseph, "Curriculum Vitae" (pp. 535-536) [on-line text]

Martín Espada, "Offerings to an Ulcerated God" (p. 551), "The Prisoners of Saint Lawrence" (p. 552), "Sing in the Voice of a God Even Atheists Can Hear" (pp. 553-554), "Tires Stacked in the Hallways of Civilization" (p. 555), "DSS Dream" (p. 556) [on-line text]

Simon Perchik, untitled (p. 603) [on-line text]

Greg McBride, "After Memo-Writing" (p. 661) [on-line text]

Law/Lawyer-Related Poetry in the Legal Studies Forum, vol. 29 (2005):

Lori Mach, untitled (p. 273) [on-line text]

Richard Krech, "Life on Appeal (p. 316), "In Chambers" (pp. 317-318) [on-line text]

Katya Giritsky, "South Court" (p. 399), "On Teaching Gang Law Seminars" (p. 400) [on-line text]

Ann Tweedy, "courtroom recess" (p. 411), "touring juvenile hall as part of the court of appeals" (p. 412) [on-line text]

Lee Wm. Atkinson, "Pattern Killer Ensnared" (p. 415) [on-line text]

Kenneth King, "Lawyer Dog" (pp. 419-420) [on-line text]

Richard Bank, "Testation" (p. 421), "PDPOM #14--El Chupacabra" (p. 422) [on-line text]

M.C. Bruce, "Abogado!" (pp. 423-424), "Miracles" (p. 425), "Singing in the Courtroom" (p. 426), "Good Morning" (p. 427), "The Jury Returns" (p. 431) [on-line text]

Michael Sowder, "Former Attorney Offers Prayer of Thanksgiving For His New Job" (p. 477) [on-line text]

Paul Homer, "Informed Consent" (pp. 484-485), "The Trial of Joshua (a/k/a Jesus)" (pp. 488-493) [on-line text]

Howard Gofreed, "Neighbors" (p. 500), "Apostrophe" (pp. 501-502) [on-line text]

Evie Shockley, "the ballad of anita hill" (pp. 506-507) [on-line text]

Ace Boggess, ". . . Like All Petitioners He Must Wait (How Many Cups of Coffee in an Hour?" (p. 545) [on-line text]

Law/Lawyer-Related Poetry in the Legal Studies Forum, vol. 30 (2006):

Jesse Mountjoy, "Driving to a Tax Seminar / Notre Dame, Indiana" (p. 364) [on-line text]

David Leightty, "Off the Record" (p. 380), "The Courthouse Starlings" (p. 381), "Constitutionals" & "In the Office of an Attorney Specializing in Accident Cases" (p. 383) [on-line text]

Richard Krech, "Premeditated Deliberated & Intentional" (p. 392) [on-line text]

Lawrence Joseph, "The Game Changed" (pp. 480-481) [on-line text]

Lee Robinson, "Work" (pp. 560-561), "The Rules of Evidence" (p. 562), "Grounds for Divorce" (pp. 563-564) [on-line text]

Susan Ayres, "The Beauty Bar" (pp. 575-576) [on-line text]

Seth Abramson, "If You Ask Your Attorney to Be Concise" (p. 579) [on-line text]

Warren Wolfson, "Eleventh Floor Lies" (p. 587), "Misplaced Blame" (p. 588) [on-line text]

John Charles Kleefeld, "Boilerplate" (pp. 589-590) [on-line text]

Ann Tweedy, "Events Leading up to an Afterlife Meeting Between Terri Schiavo and Manadal al-Jamadi" (p. 620) [on-line text]

Rachel Contreni Flynn, "Poem on the Road to Depose" (p. 690) & "Slip & Fall" (p. 692) [on-line text]

Law/Lawyer-Related Poetry in the Legal Studies Forum, vol. 31 (2007):

John Levy, "My Client" (p. 623) [on-line text]

Charles Williams, [law school poems] (pp. 663-665) [on-line text]

Warren Wolfson, "At This Point" (p. 677) [on-line text]

Kathleen Winter, "In the Clutch" (p. 680) [on-line text]

Richard Bank, "Remembering Bill" (p. 722) [on-line text]

Law/Lawyer-Related Poetry in the Legal Studies Forum, vol. 32 (1) (2008):

John Crouch, "The Madman and the Law" (p. 401), "Will" (pp. 402-405), "Crowder v. Commonwealth" (pp. 406-7), "Smith v. United States" (pp. 408-410), "The Virginia Statute for Religious Freedom" (pp. 411-413), "Rex ex rel. Skallagrimson et Ux v. Thorgeirson et Ux" (pp. 414-419), "Butler v. Crouch" (pp. 420-422) [on-line text]

MC Bruce, "Booking" (p. 199), "Marsden Motion" (p. 200), "Judgment" (p. 201) [on-line text]

Betsy McKenzie, "The House of the Law" (p. 203) [on-line text]

Lee Warner Brooks, "What the Law Is" (p. 314) [on-line text]

Richard Bank, "Death Row" (p. 397) [on-line text]

Law/Lawyer-Related Poetry in the Legal Studies Forum, vol. 32 (2) (2008):

Elizabeth J. Coleman, "Admission Against Interest" (p. 585) [on-line text]

Law/Lawyer-Related Poetry in the Legal Studies Forum, vol. 33 (2) (2009):

Bruce Laxalt, "Back Channel Debts" (pp. 127-129), "The Thrill of the Hunt, The Moment of the Kill" (pp. 132-134), "A Late Afternoon Breach in Their Ranks" (pp. 135-136), "Widow's Weeds" (p. 137), "The Establishment Man" (pp. 138-139), "Work in Progress" (pp. 141-142), "The Long Slow Art of Mentoring" (pp. 145-146) [on-line text]

Jesse Mountjoy, "Desk Calendar" (p. 169), "The Lawyer's Daily Time Log (for billing purposes)" (pp. 170-171), "Last Day of the Year" (p. 179) [on-line text]

Charles Reynard, "Juvenile Day" (pp. 229-230), "The Law of Love" (p. 231), "In the House of Law" (p. 232) [on-line text]

Elizabeth Coleman, "With All Faults" (p.251) [on-line text]

Tim Nolan Poems: "Work" and "Oklahoma," in his article, Poetry and the Practice of Law, S. Dak. L. Rev. 677, 687-690(2001) [on-line text]

Hank Lazer, "Law-Poems"

[on-line text] [An author's epilogue]

[commentary by: Michael Martone | Glenn Mott | Joseph Hornsby | Wythe Holt | Yuante Huang | Phil Beidler]

Legal Verse (in Law Reviews & Law Journals)

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