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Irvin Yalom Videos

The Art of Psychotherapy
[4:32 mins.]

A Conversation with Irvin Yalom
[3:46 mins.]

Irvin Yalom: The Art of Psychotherapy
[4:33 mins.] [commenting on the w
illingness of a therapist to reflect and live with uncertainly; willingness to be an ally with the patient in the therapeutic venture] [

Irvin Yalom Outpatient Group Psychotherapy
[4:12 mins.] [outpatient psychotherapy group]

Irvin Yalom at the Evolution of Psychotherapy Conference
[5:35 mins.] [talks about existential psychotherapy]

Conference Opening Plenary Address
[57:50 mins.] [American Group Psychotherapy Association, 2015] [Dr. Yalom appears at 2:40 mins. with remarks by Hank Fallon; his first response is at 4:38 mins.]

Yalom's Cure
[1:13:57 mins.] [a documentary film]

Dr. Irvin Yalom Explains “The Evolution of Therapy”
[1:04:10 mins.] [Talkspace Future of Therapy Conference, 2016]

Irvin D. Yalom at Book Passage
[49:03 mins.] [discussing his book, Creatures of a Day]

Irvin Yalom Discusses His Inspiration and Psychotherapy
[15:57 mins.]

Live Case Consultation
[4:21 mins.]

Yalom on Writing Novels
[6:56 mins.]

On Writing a Novel about Spinoza
[3:37 mins.]

Death & Existential Psychotherapy
[10:03 mins.]

A Discussion about Death
[30:00 mins.]

Death and Existentialism: Irvin Yalom Interview
[49:29 mins.] [audio]

Irvin Yalom au Théâtre Marigny
[5:00 mins.] [talking about Spinoza]

A Conversation with Irvin Yalom and Yael Hedaya: "In Treatment," Therapy on the Screen and on the Page [1:21:08 mins.] [Yalom comments on "In Treatment" at 9:34 mins.; Yalom notes that he and his colleagues think highly of the TV series]

Reference (Irvin Yalom)

Irvin Yalom and "Existential Psychotherapy" in 20 Minutes
[22:41 mins.]



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