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A Long History of Lawyer Poets: "Strangers to Us All: Lawyers and Poetry"

A Personal Account of How I Found the Lawyer Poets: James R. Elkins

Poets Thinking About Poetry: On Poetry

Poets on the World of Law and Lawyers: Legal Verse

A Law School Course: Lawyers, Poets, and Poetry

Why Poetry

Talking about Poetry
[video :: 0:48 mins.] [Lee Robinson, a lawyer poet, talks about poetry]

Transformational Communication: Poetry of Persuasion
[11:22 mins.] [in-class present can end at 4:30 mins.]

Why Read and Write Poetry? (Dead Poets Society)
[video :: 1:18 mins.]

Poets Learning from Prose Writers|Prose Writers Learning From Poets: Edward Hirsch [video :: 6:00 mins.]

Legal Verse Anthologies: The most recent anthology of legal verse is James R. Elkins (ed.), Lawyer Poets and That World We Call Law: An Anthology of Poems about the Practice of Law (New York: Pleasure Boat Studio, 2013). For a review, see: Book Review, Lawyer Poets and That World We Call Law Kate O'Neil, Legal Communication & Rhetoric: JALWD, vol.11, 2014

For an earlier anthology of legal verse, see: Percival E. Jackson (ed.), Justice and the Law: An Anthology of Legal Poetry and Verse (Charlottesville, Virginia: The Michie Co., 1960)

A Lawyer Talks about Poetry

A Lawyer Talks about Poetry and Persuasion
[video :: 2:46 mins.]

A Famous Lawyer Poem: Carl Sandburg, "Lawyers Know Too Much" [audio :: 1:52 mins.]

Lawyer Poets: Tom Erickson | Suzannah Gilman | Martín Espada | James McKenna | David Filer & Greg Chaimov | Jamie Stern | Greg Rappleye | Lawrence Joseph | Lawrence Joseph: Poet with a Steady Job | Ann Tweedy | Fern G. Z. Carr | Brian Gilmore | Carl Reisman | Michael Blumenthal | Robin Cravey | Susan J. Abraham | David Orr | Amy Woolard | Jim Drummond | Jeffrey Levine | Gary Forrester | John M. FitzGerald | Laura Fargas | Luisa Caycedo-Kimura | Sam Haskins | Thomas Lloyd Qualls | Iris Gomez | Tonya M. Evans-Walls | Esther Cameron | Jill Starishevsky | Charles D. Williams | John L. Holgerson | Paul Killebrew | Nancy A. Henry | Richard Taylor (with other Kentucky poet laureates |

Videos | Lawyer Poets in Lawyer Poets and That World We Call Law

Warren Wolfson

An Interview: Warren Wolfson Talking About Being a Poet
[4:55 mins.] [Reading, "Eleventh Floor Lies"][Wolfson is the author of a chapbook, At This Point (Ampersand, Inc., 2014]

James Clarke

The Human Face of the Law
[3:30 mins.]

James Clarke Reading "How to Bribe a Judge"
[2:14 mins.]

The Kid from Simcoe Street
[2:59 mins.]

Richard Krech

Richard Krech Reading from In Chambers
[9:24 mins.] [Travel Poems :: 7:22 mins.] [Later Poems :: 5:29 mins.] [A Fable :: 1:17 mins.]

Greg McBride

A Tribute to Ann Knox
[3:07 mins.]

Lawrence Joseph

[28:31 mins.] [University of Oregon, Oregon Humanities Center]

Tim Nolan

A Reading of "Old Astronauts"
[1:51 mins.]

Lee Robinson

Talking about Poetry
[0:48 mins.]

Ace Boggess

[26:20 mins.]

Joyce Meyers

Reading "Ancient Wisdom"
[1:52 mins.]

Simon Perchik

An Interview
[28:19 mins.]

Martín Espada

On the Power Behind Poetry
[14:18 mins.] [Interview with Bill Moyers]

Martín Espada Examines Life Through Verse
[30:03 mins.] [Interview with Bill Moyers]

Espada interviewed by the editor of The Progressive magazine
[9:31 mins.]

Naomi Ayala interviews Martín Espada
[28:42 mins.]

The Other USA
[10:03 mins.]

Martín Espada Reading
[6:59 mins.]

Martín Espada Reads "San Sebastian"
[3:59 mins.]

"Alabanza: In Praise of Local 100"
[4:49 mins.]

Espada Reading
[24:47 mins.]

Espada Reading
[3:37 mins.] [Martín Espada reads "For the Jim Crow Mexican Restaurant in Cambridge, Massachusetts Where My Cousin Esteban Was Forbidden to Wait Tables Because He Wears Dreadlocks"]

Martín Espada reads "The Day We Buried You in the Park"
[3:43 mins.]

Ann Tweedy

Ann Tweedy Reads
[5:25 mins.]

Michael Blumenthal

What Is the Value of Art?
[7:33 mins.] [An interview with philosophy professor, Sharon ] Pt2 [3:45 mins.] [on reading literature and fiction]

Michael Blumenthal reads his poetry at West Virginia University
[3:12 mins.]

The Road Not Taken--Twice
[59:50 mins.]

Michael Sowder

Michael Sowder, "That Drink"
[0:49 mins.]

A Reading
[25:18 mins.]

Michael Sowder reads at Helicon West
[11:14 mins.] Pt2 [8:20 mins.]

M.C. Bruce

Talking to Potential Clients about Being a Criminal Lawyer
[6:39 mins.]

Videos | Audio | Lawyer Poets

David E. Cowen

[44:01 mins.]

Reading poems from The Madness of Empty Spaces
[20:54 mins.] [author of The Madness of Empty Spaces]

Last Concert Cafe Reading
[9:40 mins.]

Monica Youn

Interview & Reading
[57:35 mins.] [audio]

Gowri Koneswaran

Featured Artist at Family Style Open Mic
[11:09 mins.]

Hope Spoken Broken poem
[1:57 mins.] [Gowri K. is a Sri Lankan Tamil American poet, performing artist, and lawyer based in Washington, DC.]

Anne Ballard

Anne Ballard reads some of her poems
[16:56 mins.]

James Weldon Johnson

Reading "The Creation"
[4:26 mins.]

Poets I Read Before I Found the Lawyer Poets

Robert Bly: Bly Reads Kabir [1:56 mins.] | Bly Reads Rumi [2:16 mins.] [begin the video at 0:08 mins.] | Bly Reads Rumi 2 [3:08 mins.] | Bly Reading 3 Poems [5:04 mins.] | Cornelius Eddy Interview [28:48 mins.] | Bly Interview with Bill Moyers [27:21 mins.]

Wendell Berry: Berry Reads "A Poem on Hope" [5:31 mins.] | Berry Reads "The Peace of Wild Things" [1:01 mins.]

A Poet Who Enchants: Coleman Barks

Opening the Heart Through Ecstatic Poetry: Coleman Barks [21:08 mins.]

One Through Love [9:15 mins.]

Rumi read by Coleman Barks [1:14 mins.]

Georgia Writers Hall of Fame Interview [32:09 mins.]

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