Prosecutorial Misconduct
Professor James R. Elkins College of Law
West Virginia University|Spring|2012|



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Rolando Cruz

Assigned Reading

Murder Case Became a Test of Conscience Inside the System
Los Angeles Times, November 1, 1992

Supplemental Reading

Thomas Frisbie & Randy Garrett, Victims of Justice Revisited (Northwestern University Press, rev. ed., 2005)

Class Screening

"Presumed Guilty"
American Justice, A&E Home Video,


Nicarico Murder Case
Northwestern University, 9:21 mins. [pt.2-- 9:38 mins.] [pt3 -- 8:24 mins.] [pt4 -- 8:29 mins.] ] [pt5 -- 6:46 mins.]

Misc. Resources

Rolando Cruz and Prosecutorial Misconduct

Rolando Cruz Case--Wikipedia

Jeanine Nicario Murder Case--Wikipedia

Rolando Cruz & Alejandro Hernandex: DNA Initiative

Backgrounder: The Jeanine Nicarico Case

7 on Trial for Framing Innocent Man for Rape, Murder

The Cruz Case

Prosecution Finds Itself in Murder-Rape Case

Chicago Tribune coverage of the Nicarico case

Rolando Cruz seeks pardon
In December 2002, Cruz received a pardon based on innocence
from Illinois Governor George H. Ryan.