Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry

Asa Moore Bolles


"Asa Moore Bolles was born at Ashford, on the 22d of September, 1802. He was fitted for College at the Plainfield Academcy, and was graduated at Brown University, in 1823. He became a student of law in the town of Canterbury, in the office of the Hon. Andrew T. Judson, along with his old friend and classmate, George Denison Prentice. In August, 1826, he was admitted to the bar, and commenced the practice of his profession in the town of Killingworth. He was married to a niece of Dr. Richard Mansfield, and continued to reside in Killingworth until the year 1832. He then opened an office in the city of Middletown, and was about to remove thither, when he was seized with the Cholera, which terminated fatally. His death occurred at Killingworth, in September, 1832.

Mr. Bolles published poetical articles . . . in the Providence periodicals, and was afterward a correspondent of the 'New England Weekly Review.'"

[Charles W. Everst (ed.), The Poets of Connecticut; with Biographical Sketches 315 (( New York: A.S. Barnes and Co., 6th ed., 1873) [online text]