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Lettie Lavilla Burlingame


Lelia J. Robinson, Women Lawyers in the United States
2 The Green Bag 10, 19 (1890)

"1886 The Equity Club is founded at the University of Michigan by Lettie Burlingame for women law students and law alumnae, later expanding to include women attorneys from other schools. It is the first professional organization for women lawyers, and circulates its newsletters to members nationwide. Burlingam, a suffragist, goes into private practice and 'so successful was she that she won every case entrusted to her' prior to her death from 'la grippe' in 1890." ["15 Years of Advocacy for Women" Timeline by Lisa Small (1998)]

Autobiography & Poems

Lettie Lavilla Burlingame, Her Life Pages, Stories, Poems and Essays. Including a Glimpse of Her Success as the First Lady Lawyer of Will County, Illinois (Joliet, Illinois: J.E. Williams & Co., 1895)

Research Resources

Early Women Lawyers

Virginia G. Drachman, Women Lawyers and the Quest for Professional Identity in Late Nineteenth-Century America, 88 Mich. L. Rev. 2414 (1990)