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William Allen Butler

New York


William Allen Butler, Nothing to Wear and Other Poems
(New York: Harper and Brothers Publishers, 1899)

William Allen Butler was born in Albany, New York. His father, Benjamin Franklin Butler was Attorney-General during President Jackson's administration, and according to a short biographical profile of Irving Browne which appeared in the Green Bag in 1897 and would, reportedly, "on one day would pen an opinion for a department, and on the next a poem for the 'Democratic Review' . . . ." ["Irving Browne as a Poet," 9 Green Bag 354 (1897)]. Butler graduated from the University of the City of New York in 1843, read law in his father's office, and was admitted to practice law in July 1846. He spent a year and a half traveling abroad and then established a successful law practice and became an expert in admiralty law. Butler served his alma mater in various capacities and went on to become President of the university. Butler wrote several volumes of satirical verse, novels, law books, and biographies of Martin Van Buren, Charles H. Marshall, Evert Augustus Duyckinck and Samuel J. Tilden.

William Allen Butler
The Vault at Pfaff's
An Archive of Art and Literature by New York City's
Nineteenth-Century Bohemians
(Lehigh University Digital Library)


[Incognita of Raphael ] [Nothing to Wear] [Nothing to Wear: An Episode in City Life] [Quotations]


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