Strangers to Us All Lawyers and Poetry


George King Camp

(1851-    )
Georgia & California

"Camp, George King, journalist and poet, was born at Darien, Ga., in 1851, and, on the paternal side, was a descendant of Sir Matthew Hale. From the University of Georgia he went to the Virginia Military Institute; and, graduating with honors, he began the practice of law. While located in Atlanta, he published a volume of poems entitled 'Whispering Winds,' and, being something of a musician, he set to music, 'The Memorial Window,' by James Barron Hope. After an unfortunate marriage, followed by his child's death he went to San Francisco, accepting a place on the staff of The Examiner and here he published 'Shadows.'" [Edwin Anderson Alderman & Joel Chandler Harris (eds.), Library of Southern Literature 69-70 (New Orleans: Martin & Hoyt Co., 1910)(1907)(Vol. 15, Biographical Dictionary of Southern Authors, 1929, Lucian Lamar Knight ed.)]

Camp, seventeen years old when he entered the University of Georgia, wrote his first poetry, of a humorous nature, for his mother. He spent four years at VMI and graduated with honors. "Here [at VMI] he enjoyed the personal friendship of General Robert E. Lee and Commodore Maury. He studied law in Albany, New York, and practiced for two years in Atlanta. . . ." [Mildred Lewis Rutherford, The South in History and Literature: A Hand-Book of Southern Authors—From the Settlement of Jamestown, 1607, to Living Writings 758 (Athens, Georgia: Franklin-Turner Co., 1907)(1906)]


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